The South-American miracle leaf that makes us feel amazing

introducing Argentine Yerba Mate

how to infuse yerba mate

See what maté is capable of


Boost up you mind

Maté delivers way more than just a caffeine kick, the combination of its many stimulants creates an effect way more durable, powerful and enjoyable than other caffeine based beverages that usually provoke stress, jitters and a down effect.


Improve your focus

Maté has the strength to help focus better and avoid distractions. The unique compounds found in yerba maté promotes concentration in long study periods. Its long lasting effect provides an increase in mental energy, clarity, and memory.

The best option for your body

What's so special about Maté?

Maté Is the Right Beverage for Long Study Periods

Maté Increases Physical Strength, Energy and Endurance

Drinking Maté makes your body feel like you have eaten a green salad, your head like you have drunk 3 espressos and your muscles like you have had a massage.

The healthy alternative to the everyday cup of coffee

The maté lifestyle

Inspired from the South-American tradition, Yerba Maté is way more than just a beverage, it's a social experience and a culture that relies on good values. We truly believe that the benefits and the lifestyle that comes with Yerba Maté need to be widespread and enjoyed everyday.