Yerba Mate Benefits

Here's why we believe that Yerba Mate is the healthiest drink on earth


Yerba Mate is noted to have “the best qualities of coffee, the health advantages of tea as well as the heady feeling of chocolate.” Yerba Mate tops all six of the world’s most known stimulants: tea, coffee, kola nut, guarana, and cocoa.

Active ingredients in Yerba Mate are caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine, these are major active ingredients found in tea, coffee, and cocoa.  Caffeine, a stimulant, varies in an amount in green tea and coffee. Yerba Mate contains low tannin content which makes it taste as strong as coffee, yet not as unpleasant as tea. Yerba Mate is known to be less acidic and not oily, therefore, less likely to cause stomach jitters or increase stomach acidity.

Advantages of drinking Yerba Mate are:

  1. It is rich in antioxidants

With 90% more antioxidants than green tea, Yerba Mate is rich in antioxidants. Yerba mate boosts immunity noticeably, slows down the signs of aging, performs detoxification. Yerba Mate is anti-cancer, and also helps in managing stress and insomnia.

  1. Improves concentration and ability to focus

Advocates for Yerba Mate claim that the minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, polyphenols and amino acids in this beverage provide equilibrium to the effects of caffeine. Reports from patrons of Yerba Mate say they experienced enhanced ability to focus, improved mental energy and clarity, yet, they did not experience the side effects that come with the consumption of coffee and other beverages containing caffeine such as jitters, stomach discomfort, and headache.

  1. Improves Stamina

Yerba Mate helps your body metabolize carbohydrate another high energy metabolites such as fat in the body as the chemical components and nutrients in it help achieve optimal metabolism. With Yerba Mare, you get the best from what you eat. It also helps burn fat but using it for fuel when often consumed, therefore, managing weight loss. It also helps reduce post-exercise soreness, fatigue and cuts recovery time but reducing lactic acid muscle build up in muscles.

  1. Improves digestion

The natives of the South Americas used Yerba Mate tea as a herbal solution to digestive diseases. Yerba mate helps digestion by improving secretion of bile and enzymes. It assists in keeping the colon clean to enhance better removal of waste from the digestive system. Yerba Mate also helps eliminate stomach bacteria credited to cause bad breath.

  1. Supports Cardiovascular Health

By drinking Yerba Mate which is rich in antioxidants and amino acid regularly, you can prevent fat and bad cholesterol from clogging up your arteries. Yerba mate also prevents hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) and helps prevent a blood clot that may cause a stroke or heart attack.